Lucky Streak Horse Racing Betting Promotion Lucky Streak Horse Racing Betting Promotion

Lucky Streak Betting Bonuses

Winner offers all racing fans multiple chances to make profit through Lucky Streak multiple bets that bring even more opportunities to win. As ever when placing a Lucky 15, Lucky 31 or Lucky 63 bet, not all selections have to be successful in order to win. Two great Lucky Streak promotions are changing the game so that higher bonuses are available even without selecting a full complement of winners.

One Winner Odds Enhancement

Most players can expect to make a loss if less than two bets are successful in a Lucky 15, Lucky 31 or Lucky 63. However, thanks to Winner that is no longer the case. If there is only one winner in any of these multiple bets the odds will be doubled meaning a positive return on your stake is still more than possible. Take, for example, a Lucky 15 with a stake of £1.00: the overall stake for the entire bet will be £15 but with one winner odds enhancement, provided the winning odds are more than 8-1 you can still emerge in the black even if the rest of your selections lose.

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Lucky Streak Bonuses

Extra bonuses are also available if all your selections come in. If four winners are selected in a Lucky 15, not only will you win your full due but also pocket a cool extra 10% cash bonus. The higher the bet the higher the bonus as if all five selections come in from a Lucky 31 the cash bonus is increased to a mighty 20%. Six winners from a Lucky 63 lead to an even higher reward with a stunning 25% cash bonus. With more chances to win and far higher bonuses at stake, Lucky Streak bets with Winner are becoming more popular than ever. 

As ever, all players must be aged 18 or over and Rule 4 still applies if other horses are withdrawn before the race. Since these bonuses are only available on horse racing all of the selections must be from UK or Irish horse races but both bonuses are available on all UK or Irish horse races every day. As part of the terms and conditions, every selection must run and the offer does not apply to each-way bets; only a win will count towards a bonus. All winnings will be paid directly within 24 hours.

Winner Sports

Winner is a highly successful betting platform offering a full range of betting options including both national and international sports as well as politics and poker. There is even the opportunity to join in an online casino and with a handy mobile app offering further bonus deals, placing a bet could not be more convenient or quick. With a comprehensive website offering easy online betting opportunities and an outstanding customer support network to answer all your questions, Winner is a premier betting service for novice or seasoned betting masters. Operated by PT Entertainment Services Ltd, Winne is also fully regulated by the Gambling Commission.