how to bet

  • Correct Score Betting

    Correct Score Betting

    Correct score betting is a simple betting system that allows you to bet on what you perceive will be the exact score of any match.

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  • Handicap Betting

    Handicap Betting

    In handicap betting, the bookmaker can opt to assign the strong team a virtual deficit (-1, -2), which it has to overcome in the final score for it to win.

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  • Asian Handicap Betting

    Asian Handicap Betting

    Asian Handicap Betting is a recent development in handicap football betting that originated in Asia, as the name suggests.

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  • Live Betting

    Live Betting

    With live betting, you can place your bets on the possibilities of another goal or the overall outcome of the game, up until the match ends.

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  • Over Under Betting

    Over Under Betting

    If you have bet on a football game then you must have tried your best on such things as the number of goals that will be scored on a game. You might have taken your bet a mile further and even made a bet on who will score.

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  • 1 X 2 Betting

    1 X 2 Betting

    This kind of betting takes the form of a win-draw-win pattern. The bets are placed on the final result of a match with three possible outcomes: the home team wins (1), the guest or away team wins (2), or the two teams draw (X).

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  • Double chance betting

    Double chance betting

    For double chance betting, one of the possibilities is eliminated, leaving you with two bets: 1/X, if you expect the home team to win or finish with a draw; and X/2, if you expect the away team to win or finish with a draw.

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  • Accumulator Bets

    Accumulator Bets

    Unlike bets that depend on a single result, winning an

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