Bwin PROTEKTOR - Insure your Multi bets

Bwin PROTEKTOR - Insure your Multi bets

It looks as though  bwin have raised the bar when it comes to betting insurance. Lots of online bookmakers now offer money back if one of your selections loses in a multi-bet, but now bwin have come up with a brand new feature called PROTEKTOR which may change the way you think about multi-bet insurance altogether.

Rather than getting your money back when one selection loses, now YOU can choose how many selections you want to insure, or protect. So, when you chose a number of teams to place in your multi-bet, you will now automatically be given the option to protect one or more of them with this feature.


bwin’s latest feature enables you to protect your stake against a given number of unsuccessful selections in your multi-bet. In other words; you can afford to lose one or more picks in your multi-bet but still get your stake back.

This feature is only available on pre-match multi-bets for certain matches and these will be clearly displayed on the site. You can protect any number of selections on your multi-bet, as long as you choose a number of selections at least one less than the total number on your slip. For example; if you pick 6 selections on your multi-bet, you could protect anything up to 5 of them making it a very handy tool.

How Does It Work?

How much it costs you to protect your bet depends on the odds of your selections, the stake and the number of selections you with to protect. The cost will be automatically displayed upon selecting your bets.

From there, if your multi-bet wins you will receive your total winnings MINUS the cost of PROTEKTOR. Alternatively; if you lose your bet you will get back your stake plus the PROTEKTOR cost as a refund. The only way to receive nothing is if your bet loses and you have not protected any of the selections in this way. Simple really!

If it becomes certain that your multi-bet will not win but you have protection, then the appropriate refunds will be given even before the relevant games have finished. This is very handy when you may be waiting for funds to hit your account before having another bet.

how to use bwin protektor


bwin PROTEKTOR feature will be displayed in the ‘Multi bets’ section on your bet slip, simply choose which (if any) selections you wish to protect and the appropriate cost will be automatically calculated and displayed.

As soon as you have chosen at least 2 teams for your bet, a multi-bet option and PROTEKTOR will be displayed. Simply click on the selections you wish to ensure and the feature will inform you of the cost. From there, simply place the bet as normal.

Only registered customers of the Bwin can use the PROTEKTOR. If you are not registered yet, Click here to create your free bwin account.

Bwin PROTEKTOR Terms & Conditions

It’s important to remember bwin may offer a PROTEKTOR selection for certain multi-bets within their sports betting section and for specific markets. You will have the option to accept a PROTEKTOR selection for a pre-determined number of selections within the bet at a cost which they would communicate to you.

bwin can reject your entire bet if you have insufficient funds to cover the PROTEKTOR along with your bet, and you cannot protect your bets in this way with any bonus funds or any free bets. Likewise, you will not be given any loyalty points for bets placed with a PROTEKTOR.

bwin may cancel any protected selections should they believe that you have abused the function in any way, though the PROTEKTOR cost would then be refunded. Should any parts of the bet be cancelled, bwin may also cancel the PROTEKTOR selection with the multi-bet remaining open, but without any protection.