Card Games: Understand the Types and How to Play Them

Card Games: Understand the Types and How to Play Them

Card games are games that are played with cards. These cards can be traditional or unique to a card game. In an age where information is decentralized to some degree, there are currently hundreds of card games. Online and offline. In some circles, they say variety is the spice of life. For adult pleasure seekers, there are many card games.

Traditional Card Games

Traditional card games are played with a deck or pack of cards. These cards are cut in the same shape, but they don't use the same symbols. Some popular traditional games include Poker, Blackjack, Bridge, Rummy, and Solitaire. Of course, online casinos like Platincasino offer the online versions of these games such as live blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.

The traditional rules of the game change depending on the game in question. So, the first rule is to recognize that there's no rule of thumb which means you should do your own research. By doing your own research, you know the different strategies. For one, Blackjack only rewards players whose total card value is close to or equal to 21. In poker, you bluff a lot. So, it depends on the game. Some of the common variations of traditional card games are:

● Texas Hold'em
● Go Fish
● Omaha
● American Blackjack
● Vegas Strip

Living Card Games (LCGs)

Living card games, unlike traditional games like poker and blackjack, are strategy games between multiple players. Players will play with a core deck of cards that are unique to a niche market. Cards have different attributes, appearances, and prices.

Fantasy Flight Games is the leading game manufacturer for LCGs, having coined the term itself because of its sizable library of board and card games. Many of Fantasy Flight's games are based on popular books or movies such as Game of Thrones and many other intellectual properties/entertainment.

LCGs may be confused for CCGs which are Collectible Card Games. To distinguish between them is easy, only Fantasy Flight Games make LCGS. But another method is to check out the booster and starter packs. In CCGS, these two types of packs consist of eight to 15 randomly selected cards. LCGS starter and booster packs are fixed since all eight to 15 cards have been pre-selected by Fantasy Flight Games and then packaged to be sold. So, each player owns the same set of cards until another expansion pack is released.

LCGs are played with a core set, which is an infinitely repayable experience without the expansion packs. It's immersive, the world is self-contained, and content is released on a monthly basis. Packs are purchased to build decks. Players compete against each other by responding to cards drawn from the encounter deck. One card is drawn per round.

Basically, players pick a character, each of which has its unique deck-building rules, which include deck size and the classes of cards the character can use. Players advance in the game by using their cards to manoeuvre around events and encounters. The first player to complete the game wins! Some tips for improving your skills are:

● Don't be afraid to fail
● Play on easy
● Commit to one strategy per round
● Healing isn't always necessary

Deck-Building Games

Deck-building games are played like LCG because each player gets a unique deck of cards. However, unlike card games where decks are built before the start of the game, deck-building games allow players to build their card decks as the game unfolds.

Players begin the game with a deck of cards which are played per round to navigate around events. A player starts each turn with a new hand by disposing of their old cards and then shuffling their card decks to pick new cards. New expansion cards are also released for players to build their card decks. The player who beats the game first wins the round. Some tips that apply to deck-building games are:

● Only cards that upgrade your deck is worth a purchase
● Thin your deck by removing unwanted cards so you have better chance of drawing high-quality cards

Trick-Taking Games

Trick-Taking Games refer to playing cards in a series of tricks or rounds, with the goal of having the highest card value in the game. This type of card games also favour the "Follow Suit" mechanism.

That is, play a card that was played by your opponent with a matching card if there's one. Otherwise, you can play another card from your hand. The player with the highest card values wins the trick and starts the round.

Some of the trick-taking games available are Hearts, Spades, Contract Bridge, Jass, Euchre, and Belote. These trick-taking games usually fall into two categories: plain- and point-trick games. A few tips and tricks for playing trick-taking games are:

● Don't ignore players who aren't following suit
● Make sure you high and low cards so you have options
● Leading the next round isn't necessarily right


There are different types of card games, such as trick-taking, deck-building, shedding, and catch and collect games. Players compete against opponents by playing cards from their decks. Card games are good for learning patience or as a form of entertainment after a long day. It's easy! Explore card games and improve your skills to enjoy one of the hidden gems of the gaming industry.