​Responsible Gambling Guide

​Responsible Gambling Guide

Gambling is meant for entertainment purposes. However, nowadays, it has been converted into a means of searching for a source of income. Many have turned towards gambling in the hope of a bright, fruitful future. This train of thought can easily cause one to develop a gambling problem.

What Is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling is a two-part plan and requires combined efforts.

First, to be a responsible gambler, you ought to be engaging in staking for the entertainment value it provides you while at the same time being fully aware of the risks involved. You must, therefore, have the capacity to control yourself and maintain your wagering to manageable limits.

Secondly, as a gambling industry player, offering a gambling platform requires you to ensure that all participants have relevant education on the possible risks of their interactions on your platform.

Responsible gambling is the conglomerative efforts of societal obligation initiatives by gaming control boards, gambling operators and governments.

How to Gamble Responsibly

- Think of gambling as entertainment, not a source of income.

- Don't bet more than you can afford to lose.

- Don't chase your losses.

- Limit your maximum bet amount. And don't bet larger amounts for excitement.

- Don't spend too much time for gambling

- Take a break if you feel something wrong. 

Responsible Gambling Tools

The top bookmakers provide some tools for gambling responsibly. With the help of the following responsible gambling tools, it should be more comfortable changing your habits to responsible ones if you were getting out of hand.

  • Self-Exclusion

This is the gambling systems way of helping you garner self-control when you are beginning to have a gambling problem, meaning you are not in control. If you have gotten to the point of betting more than you can afford to lose or are going back trying to win back your losses, you have a gambling problem.

Self-exclusion prevents you from gambling or using any services on the site for a specific duration. This time-lapse can range from 6 months, 1, 2, or 5 years, or even indefinitely. Self-exclusion is a time-out period.

  • Deposit Limits

Creating deposit limits on your account controls the amount you can deposit within 24 hours, 7-day or 30-day periods. These limits prevent you from depositing excessive money, or money you can’t afford to lose after experiencing losses. Decreases in deposit limits usually get approval immediately. But, deposit limit increases do not get approval until 24 hours has lapsed. Deposit limits are designed to help you stay within your budget, and gamble sensibly.

  • Loss Limit

Setting a loss limit prohibits you from becoming carried away when you are chasing losses. With a loss limit, you cannot gamble beyond your limit for the set duration.

  • Reality Checks

Gambling can be quite addictive meaning that time can go by without you realizing it while you entertain yourself. Reality checks are like a wakeup call informing you of how much time you have spent on the gambling application with a prompt to stop.

Problem Gambling Resources

Gambling can become a problem as massive as alcoholism and requires similar support measures if you or someone you know are trying to get out of the bad habit. Several platforms issue gambling problem assistance. They have helped many start their journey to recovery, transforming their lives back into some form of normalcy. Here, we look at some problem gambling resources that can be of great assistance to one who is facing gambling problems.

This is a support system that offers help for whatever gambling problem you may be facing. The National Gambling Treatment Service provides the support provided on this platform. It offers self-tests that will help you determine if you have a gambling problem. After that, you will get access to the appropriate tools to help you recover.

This gambling support system offers a live chat and helpline to help you get online support for your gambling problem. The platform also provides a group chat to share your experiences with others facing the same challenges. It also offers an online messaging forum where you can explore your gambling problem situation. Just in case you aren’t confident enough to talk to someone about your problem just yet, you can access the self-help resources at no cost or take the self-assessment tests to understand your situation better.

This is a support channel for those with gambling issues, and they offer daily meetings throughout Ulster, Wales, and England. You can find resources for the compulsive gambler like literature, a chat room, and a forum on this site. It also helps you identify where you can find meetings.

This is a support group where recovering gamblers share their stories, hoping to encourage a problem gambler. While there are many success stories, there are also stories of those who have relapsed. Others still struggle with their gambling addiction.

All in all, these resources can go a long way in getting you or your loved one back on the right track and eliminate a gambling problem.