What are the Fastest Withdrawal Methods from a betting site?

What are the Fastest Withdrawal Methods from a betting site?

When betting online, you want to know your money is in safe hands. Not only that, but if you land a winning bet, you want to have access to your money as quickly as possible. Most of the top online gambling websites and mobile apps have several options when it comes to withdrawing funds and you can choose the one which suits your requirements. However, they do not all offer the same withdrawal speed and below, we will highlight some of the fastest withdrawal methods.

Three Stages of Withdrawal

There are basically three stages to any withdrawal from a betting site. The first is the initial processing of the payment and this begins when you make a request to withdraw funds. The gambling website will make some checks to ensure the payment is going to you and in some cases, this can take a bit of time. Other checks can also take place at this stage, including the terms and conditions, to make sure you have not broken them when winning the money. Some online gambling brands have been known to factor in a slight delay at the beginning of the withdrawal process in the hope you might choose to bet again using the money.

Many online sportsbooks and casinos tend to use third-party payment processors and this is the second stage of withdrawal. They each have their own timescale for transferring funds but most are efficient as their business is based on the speed of money transfer. The third and final stage of withdrawal from a betting website is the transfer of the money into your bank account. This can be the longest segment of the withdrawal process depending on the speed of your bank and the chosen withdrawal method.

From neteller to crypro, lets take a look at some of the fastest and safest ways to deposit to your betting account.


One of the fastest ways to withdraw money is using eWallets. Perhaps the most well-known eWallet is PayPal and many websites offer PayPal for making both deposits and withdrawals. The withdrawal of funds to a PayPal account if often instant and when transferring money from a PayPal account to a bank account, the process is extremely quick. Some of the other eWallets available that deliver a similar service include Neteller and Skrill. Both eWallets have a strong association with the online gambling industry and make a good choice for fast withdrawals.

Debit Cards

When most customers join a betting site and make a deposit, they will use a debit card. Ranking alongside eWallets in terms of popularity, most people who have a bank account also have a debit card.

A debit card can with used to make withdrawals and the money transfers from the website straight into your bank account. For many people, there are no fees attached when using a debit card to withdraw funds, which gives debit cards a slight advantage over eWallets. However, you must enter your debit card details each time you want to make a withdrawal and the process can be a little slower than using an eWallet.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are becoming more popular online as they act in much the same way as a debit card but they are not directly linked to your bank account. There are now several betting sites that accept prepaid cards and they have recently started accepting withdrawals. There was a time when prepaid cards could only be used for making a payment but some prepaid cards now accept withdrawals, with PayNearMe being a good example.


Gambling websites are slowly introducing cryptocurrency as a payment option and for those who own crypto, it can be a good way to bet online.

Withdrawing crypto is easier than making a deposit because you will have already set up an exchange account and crypto wallet. Using your unique crypto receiving address, you will usually receive the funds into your wallet within a matter of seconds, making it a quick withdrawal method. In fact, crypto withdrawals are perhaps the fastest available right now but most people do not own any cryptocurrency, which is why it does not rank above eWallets and debit cards.