• Lazio – Udinese preview

    Lazio – Udinese preview

    Lazio will host Udinese for Serie A match at Stadio Olimpico. The match will be officiated by G. Rocchi.

    24.09.2014 Betting Previews
  • Udinese-Juventus betting preview

    Udinese-Juventus betting preview

    Is the Serie A heading to an exciting climax? While the rest of the world would surely love a tight race for the title, those in the Planet Juventus would prefer to settle the matter well before the final day.

    14.04.2014 Betting Previews
  • Internazionale-Udinese betting preview

    Internazionale-Udinese betting preview

    Internazionale will start as favourites against Udinese any day. The team's respective league positions confirm Inter’s upper hand. Udinese are at a distant 14th, while Inter are at sixth – level in terms of points with the fifth-placed Parma.

    27.03.2014 Betting Previews
  • Roma-Udinese betting preview

    Roma-Udinese betting preview

    Roma must win at home against Udinese – that is the common logic. They are title chasers, possess an explosive attack, and need to win at least to keep the statistical probability of catching up with the league leaders Juventus. The problem is in the

    17.03.2014 Betting Previews
  • Udinese-Inter Milan betting preview

    Udinese-Inter Milan betting preview

    Udinese aren’t playing very well this season in the Serie A and are now facing Inter in the Italian Cup. Both teams started the 2014th with losses so a good result in this clash would mean a lot to them.

    08.01.2014 Betting Previews
  • Juventus-Udinese betting preview

    Juventus-Udinese betting preview

    Juventus got to the first place in the Serie A last weekend and now seems no one can take them away from that spot. Their first challenge as the title leaders come this Sunday against Udinese.

    17.12.2013 Betting Previews